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Do you want to get the job done fast? Our range of heavy duty excavation equipment is just what you need. Scorpion Backhoe Inc in Southern California has everything to make your next project run smoothly.

The right equipment

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If quality excavation equipment is what you need, we've got it all! We offer:


Trenchers: D-9, D-8, D-5, and D-4 dozers. Backhoes: 446 w/breaker, 430 w/breaker 430 w/compaction wheel, 430 w/bucket, 140. Excavators: 325, 320.

Dozers, backhoes and trenchers

Square Square

- Dump trucks: end dumps, transfers, 10yard, 5yard

- Water trucks: 4000 and 2000 gallon

- Lasers and Skid steers

- Air Compressors w/jackhammer

- Sheep foot tow behind

Want great results? Choose to use our heavy duty excavation equipment.

Are you in construction? Make sure you have what you need. Our loaders, scrapers and graders will never let you down. We have 977, 950 and 938 loaders, 623, 615 and 613 scrapers as well as 14G and 140 motor graders.

Reliable equipment and great service is our promise

Other equipment

Loaders and graders

We don't expect you to take our word about our great service. We're more than happy to share referrals from our satisfied customers. At Scorpion Backhoe Inc. we will take great pride in always meeting your unique needs. Please visit our References page for more details.

Our reputation is your guarantee!